Friday, 26 August 2016

The UEFA Champions League Draw 2016/2017

The draws for Europe most prestigious club competition the UEFA Champions League was drawn yesterday in Monaco with team finding out who their opponent will be as they prepare to battle it out of the group phase.
This year's competition promises to be a very competitive one as teams now realize how much profit the competition present to their respective clubs financially. As the competition have been a contributing factor to the ever presence of  teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Arsenal on the list of Europe's richest clubs.

The draw as always was based on a pot by pot bases as teams were seeded according to the new UEFA rule which favoured teams like New comer's Leicester City who automatically found themselves in pot 1 by virtue of winning the English premier League.
Along side Leicester City in pot 1 were: Paris Saint German, Benfica, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, CSKA Moscow, Juventus, and Real Madrid which means none of them will come against each other in the first stage of the competition.

The second pot comprised of the following teams: Arsenal, Napoli, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Leverkusen, Dortmund, Fc Porto, Sevilla.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The 2016 European Championship which kicked off on the 10th of June has been a fascinating one not only because of the beautiful display on the filed of play by the players, or the type of goals scored, neither is it because of the inability of pre tournament star players to stamp their authority on games. But because it has been able to produce some certain feat which includes;

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Manchester United - Who Bears the blame?

The instinctive human reaction to failure is blame – blame someone or something. We tend to provide good and sometimes lengthy analysis on why it didn’t go our way but most times, it ends in blame. But the question is “who is really to blame?”
I watched the Manchester united away game against Chelsea on Sunday with an open mind expecting and ready to take any possible outcome provided my beloved united put up a good display akin to what we saw against Stoke City at Old Trafford. United dominated in the opening 20 minutes and for a side with Carrick and Fellaini in central midfield, the zeal of the attack was stellar. The backwards and sideways passes seemed to have evaporated and there was much vigor going forward. Time and again, the attack produced corner kicks as well as a dangerous attempt on target by Anthony Martial. But playing and scoring against a Chelsea side desperate to save their season and that turned up with 2 defensive midfielders in Matic and Mikel as well as a sturdy and quick defender like Kurt Zouma is easier said than done. Therefore, for me, United performed well.

Chelsea grew into the game as expected. Forget their bad season; they are still a strong side with a strong desire to turn things around. Arsenal can confirm that. They applied good pressure for the remaining part of the half and then…fair game to say the least with due credits to both sides.
Fast forward to the Lingard stunner and of course the usual dab that followed.

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